Khaos Library

Khaos Library is a metadata library built on the Arweave blockchain.
We catalogue human creation, open it up to all, and then immortalise it.


items are being immortalise

For Creative Works Never To Be Forgotten

Currently, I have over 40 million bibliographic records(isbn data) and millions of film records , which I'm integrating and correcting as I upload them to the permanent Arweave blockchain.
Music, Games and other human creations's metadata will be completed in the future.


Not just blockchain, but also a decentralised method of collaboration based on fediverse and open APIs.

Most comprehensive data

The most professional on-chain metadata library and the largest on-chain ISBN database.


Anyone can browse, download, contribute to, and reuse for absolutely free.


Use of the json-ld (Linked Data) format makes it easier to be compatible with traditional libraries and easier to be used by modern systems.

Permanent storage

Permanent storage on blockchain.


Universe / Library

The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite, perhaps an infinite, number of hexagonal galleries.